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All craft beers- £4.80


Snowdon Craft Beer – ‘Although we’re only small we strive to offer the consistency and quality of the national producers but with the unique branding, personality and character of a local brewery.’ Made with water from Snowdonia.


IPA- Modern, thirst quenching kit. An exquisite dry hopped full flavoured session IPA.

Bitter- This best bitter is an ideal combination of the smooth characteristics of tradition bitters with the more flavoursome modern styles.

Summit- A more complex pale ale allowing for added depth due to the higher ABV yet still perfectly in harmony.

Larger- Lager is changing. A pale fuller-flavoured lager that actually has a taste of the ingredients it's brewed with, European noble hops.

Porter- Our toughest expedition yet. Dark, rich and velvety smooth. The 5.7% gives the beer a level of complexity and character that demands respect.

 Salopian Brewery- Salopian Brewery first brewed in Shrewsbury in 1995, with small and humble beginnings is now one of Britain’s leading breweries’ ‘Since the introduction of new world hops into the UK and we have absolutely embraced the plethora of flavours they added to our beers as they matched our hankering to brew something different’

Lemon Dream- A shimmering golden ale that is brewed using organic lemons which adds beautifully subtle zesty aromas and a citrus filled fruity finish.

Golden Thread- A bright gold ale, using wheat, lager malt, and flavoured with an infusion of aroma hops. Clean and crisp to the palate with a hint of sweetness and a long fruit-filled finish.

Oracle- A crisp, sparkling sunflower gold ale with a striking hop profile. Dry and refreshing with a long citrus aromatic finish.

Shropshire Gold- Golden, with a floral aroma and a full hoppy flavour that is balanced by a crisp dry maltiness and a rich finish.

Darwins Origin- . A copper coloured Bitter given an international twist with an eclectic mix of new and old world hops that give the beer its distinctive lemony aroma and dry finish.

Hop Twister- With a palate that is fresh, piercing and focused, complemented by soft malt overtones and pronounced citrus flavours. A strong focus of taut, lemony, grapefruit on the finish which is balanced by a dry bitterness.


Printworks Brewery- ‘Inspired by our family heritage and tradition as well as a love for craft beer we have launched a brand new craft brewery located behind our historical pub The Windsor Castle Inn, Lye.’ MADE WITH ENGLISH HOPS.

Bumblebees Pale Honey Ale- Brewed with real runny honey and the finest English hops giving a smooth bitterness with a slight sweet honey taste. 4.3%

Geneva Dry Hopped IPA- Brewed with English hybrid hops from Worcestershire bringing new world taste with mango & passion fruit aromas. 5%

Hobsons Brewery- Hobsons Brewery is an independent local brewery founded in the Shropshire town of Cleobury Mortimer by Nick Davis and his parents back in 1993. Sustainability and locality is a big part of what we stand for, all of our beers are brewed by local people using local ingredients with a backbone of sustainable technologies.  You can enjoy Hobsons beer knowing you’re supporting a brewery that cares about the world around us. MADE WITH ENGLISH HOPS.


The Manor- A beer that’s just the ticket, full of fruity hop flavour balanced with a biscuity bittersweet finish.

Town Crier- A beer to shout about, our most popular crisp full-flavoured golden ale brewed with British hops.

Postman’s Knock - A beer that really delivers, it’s rich and smooth with flavour notes of vanilla, treacle and roast malt leading to a velvety chocolate finish

Old Henry - A beer to honour Henry, a premium British auburn ale with malty flavours and a richness balanced by the clean hoppy finish.

Peroni  330ml                                                                                                                £4

Becks  330ml                                                                                                                £4       

Budweiser 330ml                                                                                                           £4