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English breakfast- 2 Sausages, 3 rashes of Streaky Bacon, Black Pudding,              £12.50

 Portobello Mushroom, Slow roast tomatoes, Beans, Hash Browns. Eggs

 how you like, white or brown toasted Bloomer.


Vegetarian Breakfast- 2 Vegetarian Sausages, Portobello Mushrooms.                    £11.50

 Slow roast Tomatoes, Beans, Hash Browns. Eggs how you like, white or                       

brown toaster Bloomer.(Vegan Option Available, please ask server)


Fishcakes- 2 Salmon, Dill and Hake Fishcakes, poached Eggs,                                     £14.50

Hollandaise Sauce, and Tenderstem Brocoli. Side Salad.


Chicken Ceaser Salad- Panfried Chicken Breast, Homemade Ceaser                         £12.50

 dressing, Cherry Tomatoes, Parmesan, Crushed Herb Croutons, Iceberg

Lettuce. (Honey Mustard alternative available) 


Sirloin Steak- Welsh sourced 10oz Sirloin Beef steak, triple                                          £28.90

cooked Chips, Portobello Mushroom, slow roast Tomatoes, Peppercorn



Sides- Triple Cooked Chips- £3



Deconstructed Eaton Mess- Whipped cream, fresh berry compote,                             £5.50

 homemade meringue.                     

Ice Cream- Homemade Icecream and sorbet selection- homade brandy snap           £5.50

cone. ( I/C Available to be taken away package free, picnic tip) (Vegan Option Available)


Bottomless brunch option available-


Terms Apply(Alcohol)