Ciders – Beer 0%

All craft cider £4.80

Hurst view Cider- Our cider is made with locally sourced Staffordshire apples and traditional dabbinett bittersweet cider apples. The freshly pressed 100% juice is then blended and left to ferment naturally with its own wild yeasts. The cider is then matured to produce a traditional craft cider with character and flavour. Our cider may change flavour from batch to batch as unsulphited wild yeasts are unpredictable as mother nature.


Golden Pip- Medium Sweet dry sparkling cider.

Oldfields cider- Every year since 1960 we have made cider. Deeply embedded in and proud to be part of our local community, we even use the apples from our own orchards.


Original Cider 4.8%- The “original” cider - crafted to perfection. An easy-drinking fruit-packed, cider drinkers’ cider. Refreshingly crisp and clear whilst delicately carbonated.

Medium Dry Cider 4.8%- A crisp, medium dry cider that's an absolute belter. Packed full of fruit, the gentle tannins from the skins and pips provide a mouth-tingling depth of flavour to this ‘lip-smacking’ beauty.​

Medium Sweet Cider 4.8%- Crafted from a naturally sweet cider blend and bursting with fresh apple flavour. Refreshingly clean, smooth, and satisfying. An award-winning cider that makes you want more.

Berry Cider 4.0%- A quintessential blend of bittersweet cider infused with freshly pressed blackcurrant juice to create a refreshing, fruit cider. We say no to the typical sugary-sweet fruit cider and offer our own, real cider alternative to what we believe a fruit cider should be.

Applefresco Cider 6.0% - Crisp, dry, and elegantly effervescent, with a delicately light appearance distinctive of its red Discovery apple source. Perfect for those special occasions.



Non alcoholic Range-


Becks Blue  £4


Inne beczki alcohol free beers, proudly imported by Hobsons from Błonie Brewery in Poland. This is a fantastic selection of Alcohol free beers which taste like real beer-

ZERO TO HERO: A refreshing light non-alcoholic beer, can be compared to a Pale Ale in style.

FREE IPA: This is a light non-alcoholic beer in the style of an Indian Pale Ale. With a large dose of hops, this beer has a captivating smell of citrus and tropical fruits, followed by a pleasant bitterness.

RAK ‘N’ ROLL: A fruity light non-alcoholic beer with passion fruit juice, pineapple and mango.


See drink list for alcohol free wines.